Noble Hair Oil by deadcouture

Image of Noble Hair Oil by deadcouture

Noble Hair Oil Created For deadcouture By Kells Barnett.

Revitalize. Replinish. Refine. Be Noble.
*For Hair & Beard Use.

-4Oz. Sealable Plastic Bottle.
-Hand Extracted Oil Ingredients.

Ingredients Sourced From Extracted Jamaican Castor Beans.
Vitamin A & C (Peppermint Oil), Aloe Vera (Tea Tree Oil)
& Vitamin E (Coconut Oil).

On Hair:
Apply To Clean Hair.
For Best Results Use After A Shower Before Grease Or Pomade.

Use As Often As You Groom or Use Beard Balm.
For Best Results Use At Night Before Beard Balm.

Hot Oil Treatment:
Heat Water In A Bowl. Place Oil In A Glass Then Sit In Heated Water.
Massage Hot Oil Into Hair. Hair Dryer For 10-15 Minutes.